14 years anniversary of Prognostika

 At 25th of April 2019, Prognostika celebrates its 14th birthday. Prognostika is one of the most famous and well respected websites in the greek net and our memories go back to all these years of hard work. We have always been standing next to our readers, providing the necessary tools and the most up-to-date betting information, for our readers to take the correct decisions in managing their betting portfolio.

April has always been a special month for Prognostika. For the 14th consecutive year there will be special competitions. For this year, we made the decision of creating a competition where the winnings will be equivalent to the number of participants. Each participant will chip in 10€ , and at the end of the month, the top tipster wins it all!!!

Terms and Conditions of the "14 years Prognostika" competition

  • Competition commences with events with Kick Off date from 01.04.19 00.00 and finishes with events with Kick Off date to 30/04/2019 23:59
  • Participation cost per player equals to 10€.
  • Submission of funds is required prior to participating in the competition «14 years Prognostika».
  • All tips are eligible to participate in the competitions, except accumulator bets.
  • Max cap is 50 units
  • The prize will be equal to the number of participants times the participation fee. If 50 players participate, then the prize will be 500€.
  • The tipster ranked higher in the profit table, will be deemed the winner of the competition
  • Participation fee payment should be done to prognostika's paypal account: [email protected]
  • If a player reaches -500 units, and/or insults or curses on the team's wall, will be automatically eliminated from the competition

How to participate in the competition's team

After our login we click on my "Η ομάδα μου" button
We click on the "apply to participate" button. If we are members of another team already, we first need to remove ourselves from this team
We click on the first team choice (“14 years Prognostika”) and we click on the  “Αποστολή αίτησης” button

If you have any questions regarding prognostika's 14 anniversary competition, contact us here.

***The rules can change. Rules can be added or removed from the administrators of the website at any time and any update will be officially announced through this article. If you do have any suggestions to make, please contact us via e-mail

Best of luck, may the best tipster win!!!