FIFA World Cup 2018: Time to bet

This summer will be different - after four years we'll see the most popular football competition in the world. Russia will host the FIFA World Cup 2018.

These competition is always are opportunity for the gamblers. As we all know, there's so many betting choices, but that doesn't mean we'll win easy money. Betting companies also getting ready for this competition - they offer you a special offers, but not all of them are really special.

FIFA World Cup isn't Bundesliga or Jupiler league, where you can make bets for goals over/under or the winners. World Cup is the place of luck - we can remember Costa Rica's trip in the last championship.

As always should be funny to bet for the yellow cards. There's some 'big' names in World Cup - talking about referees like Lahoz, Mazic, Kuipers and etc. Also there's some names from Africa and the other continents, where level of refereeing is even worse.

Statistics shows that the average of yellows cards decrease with each World Cup. For example, yellow cards average in 2010 World Cup was 4.08 per game, while in the last World Cup (2014) - 2.92 p/g.

So, it will be very interesting to look at refereeing in this competition. Also we'll see some innovation - it will be used the VAR.