What happens in Vegas, can happen where you live: court wants to prohibit sports betting

“DrafKings” is planning to suggest sports betting in New Jersey after this state put up the federal law into the Supreme Court.

The US Supreme Court canceled a federal betting ban on Monday. They found out a potentially dramatic expansion of gambling in Massachusetss and across the whole country which can provide hundreds of millions dollars.

The court also canceled the Federal Law which was made on 1992. Baseball, basketball, football and other sports betting was only legal in Nevada. The judges decided (6-3) that the federal state overtook the law by prohibiting states from adopting laws that would allow such bets.

Massachusetts lawmakers say it will be possible to release the law on sports betting this year. However, they are going to make this cautiously and their actions on Beacon Hill may be slow.

Parliament speaker Robert DeLeo said „You have a question about the integrity of the sport right now. I know that this will be a question that needs to be raised again and again.“

Chairman of Senate Harriette Chandler has agreed that they are going to consider this issue carefully.

Governor Charlie Baker didn‘t indicate whether he likes or not the licensing of gambling during the sports events. He said: „We will talk something with colleagues in the legislature.“

However, other states are far away from the process. But Delavero or Mississippi say that sports betting can begin in a few weeks. Rhodes Island and Connecticut are also open to discuss about this question.

The American Gaming Association which supported the cancelling of federal insurance. It was estimated that Americans spend 150 billion dollars in sport bets illegally each year.

Massachusetts Gaming Commission said that companies which have the licenses to operate casinos which are approved, they all have an interest in offering sports betting. Such betting can provide from 9 to 61 million dollars a year.

„S&P Global“ said that in 2018 will be the biggest year of expansion in gambling because states are struggling to compensate weak income growth.

The owners of „MGM Springfield“ and „Encore Boston Harbor“ said that they hope to discuss about sports betting with the legislature. „Penn National Gaming“ which runs „Plainridge Park“ is the only one gambling place which works in Massachusetts said that sports betting would help to create an extra visit.