Football betting – Cristiano Ronaldo celebrates his thirties anniversary

Today is a big feast to all the football betting world. Cristiano Ronaldo, a legendary player who still is the best player in the world, celebrates his thirty's birthday. Cristiano Ronaldo had a lot of achievements throughout his long cares so our betting site offer to look at his carrier much closer.

A first professional football club for Cristiano Ronaldo was Lisabona Sporting, where he played his first match on 2002 when he was only seventeen years old. It is a quite common thing in football betting, so then no one could ever thought that he is going to be one of the biggest hall of famers throughout all of football history even though he scored even two goals in his very first match.

After half of the year, Cristiano Ronaldo became one of the Machester United team players. In Lisabona Sporting he finished his carrier having thirty goals. In his very first match being as one of the Red Devils team players, he scored four goals which were unexpected not even for the head coach – Alex Ferguson, but for all of the fans too. Then the people started believing, that football betting is going to have one of the best players throughout history. In 2007-2008 season he reached his carrier goal – he with his team have won the UEFA. In Manchester United Cristiano Ronaldo spent six years. After that, he went to Spain and became one of the Real Madrid main figures. On 200 Real Madrid offered an incredible amount of sum to Manchester United -  94 million Euros for purchasing Cristiano Ronaldo and that was the biggest amount of sum that was offered for a one-player throughout all of the histories. So Cristiano Ronaldo became the most expensive player ever.

In Spain Cristiano Ronaldo also did just fine. Two times in a row he became the best football player in the world and on the previous season he with his team – Real Madrid second time became the winners of the UEFA.

This is the main summary of how Cristiano Ronaldo became a playing legend in football betting history. Now we just have to wait until another young player is going to open football doors and show to the world that there are better players than Cristiano Ronaldo but we will have to wait a lot of time because Cristiano Ronaldo is not over yet. He still shines and no one dares to predict what kind of other achievements Cristiano Ronaldo is able to gain. This is the world of football betting.