Football betting submitted an unexpected result

Today an exciting match have been played between one of the best Spain teams:  Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid where something unexpected happened in football betting world – Real Madrid have lost 0:4. Many betting sites predicted that there are going to be an equal match, but Real Madrid just was not in the right mood to take the victory. Anyone could hardly have predicted that Atletico Madrid will beat Real Madrid like children.
Real Madrid had all of their best players, they were playing with the best rosters but the most interesting fact is that they have done only one shoot on goals when Atletico Madrid did eight. Shoots off goals also were not the stronger side for Real at football betting. Totally, Atletico Madrid has done seventeen goal attempts and Real Madrid only four. In this match, the royal team looked just pathetic.

It also seems that defenders of Real Madrid also was sleeping. Missing four goals means that there is something has to be done with the team defense because it is hardly possible that you often will score more than you miss with such a defense. On the other hand, Atletico Madrid still has their defense skills because letting to make just one shoot on the goal means that the offenders just had no chances to do anything and when Real has one of the best offence in the world, so that means Atletico deserves a big ovation to stop Christiano Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale and other worldwide known and declared strikers.

On the other hand, some of the Real fans can say that they do not look at Spain's national league very seriously because they are concentrated at UEFA and just want to save some energy for a match, which is more important. Actually, it would not be a wrong attitude because a lot of coaches use this tactic. Otherwise, to lose 0:4 still is too humiliating for such a prestigious team.

Well, the fact is that Atletico Madrid has won 4:0 and sometimes it happens at football betting. You can never know when psychologically players are ready to play and when they are not. Sometimes is just because of coaches who decide that there are more important matches to play in so it does not matter whether to win or lose this time. There are numerous reasons but that is why football betting is exciting to watch. You may never know which of the team is going to win.