Football betting – Dortmund became a real headache.

Football betting is a mysterious activity. Who could ever think that Dortmund Borussia, which in the previous season was the only team which could compete with Munchen Bayern for the first place in Germany Bundes league, this season will sit at the very bottom of the schedule. No one can really explain what is happening to the team, unless players by itself but they are not into talking about that kind of difficulties so the question is not solved even that half of the season had passed.

There are many theories about why this is happening. Some groups of people think that they are so concentrated into UEFA that they forgot that Germany first league is important too and if they are not going to win UEFA, it is hardly believed that in the next year we will see them playing in the strongest football league in the world. It is rarely seen that the team who plays in the strongest world football league may fall into just playing at the second strongest their national league. Football betting sometimes may be really unpredictable.

There is another theory which says that Dortmund as a team has some huge issues inside of the team. That would explain their unpredictable season. If the coach does not have an authority for players anymore, players think just about leaving this team and continuing their careers in other worldwide strongest teams, then it is clear why there is no motivation for playing in their national football league and trying to be the best ones. Sometimes it happens in football betting as it was to Milan Inter several years ago when they won a UEFA and the other season everything just collapsed.

Some of the people say that the huge impact on Dortmund collision had Lewandowski's departure out of the team. Some people said that most of the players who are still playing in Dortmund believed that they can win just because they had one of the best strikers in the world. After he left, it might be that most of the players do not believe in team success anymore and that is the main reason why Dortmund is so struggling in the national Bundes league. Maybe they believed in Lewandovski more then they believe in themselves. It is actually hard to say because there always are ups and downs in football betting. It is just about how you can stand up after a hard fall.

There are a lot of other versions why Dortmund is so struggling in this season but no one can say the real cause. People can just share their rumors but not real facts. On the other hand that is why football betting is so attractive to a lot of people. In situations like this, people who are not afraid to risk and bet for the weaker team enjoy the profit they never had heard about before. Football betting is an exciting activity and it is all about how you are able to use it.