NBA betting is not as popular in USA as most of the people expects

NBA as a league is the strongest basketball league in the world. All of the basketball players dream of playing in the NBA, most of the basketball fans behind the television are most interested in NBA league, but did you know that as a sport basketball takes just a third place in the USA by the popularity. The first two are American football and baseball. So it will take some time for an NBA betting to be the first one in the betting market.

The reason why NBA betting is not as popular as the other two sports is that American football was invented in the USA and it has been played since 1869. This sport has evolved much longer than a basketball which was just started playing in the twentieth century in the NBA. This is the main reason why rugby is in the first place by most popular USA sports and so NBA betting has been to evolve to outrun rugby.

Baseball has also been started playing in the USA much earlier than a basketball. Baseball was started playing in the mid of the nineteenth century. This sport was brought to America by England which had their colonies at that time. As it was said, basketball was started playing just in the twentieth century. This is the reason why NBA betting is not so popular as baseball betting.

There are also other sports which compete not only with those two sports but with a basketball as well to become the most popular sport in the USA. These sports are ice hockey, golf, soccer, tennis, and so on. Basketball as a sport has a big concurrency in the USA but NBA is very popular in the entire world so it is hardly believed that they could fell down.

Nevertheless, basketball is not the most popular sport in the NBA, but NBA betting throughout the whole world has their prestige so a lot of people participating in NBA betting. It is hard to say whether basketball will be the first one as a sport someday but the time will show everything. There is nothing to worry about because of basketball has their positions, the NBA will always stay more popular than other world‘s basketball leagues and the people who enjoy betting at basketball will always choose NBA betting because this is the league where everything can happen and makes people's wishes come true.