Football betting who is going to win UEFA?

As we all know UEFA is the strongest football league among football betting world. UEFA circulates an enormous amount of sums which are not millions, but UEFA is the league that is able to circulate millions of dollars and other currencies. In the previous year, as everyone was expecting, the champions became Real Madrid with their legendary player Cristiano Ronaldo in front of them. But the question is who is going to win this year and for who it is worth to bet at football betting?

Many people believe that Real Madrid can become champions the second time in a row. They still have not lost their shape, they are showing the highest class football and they have everything they need to take UEFA‘s trophy once again. At the Spain national Primera division, they are standing at the top of the schedule and it is very believable that they can also become champions of the national football league. They have not lost any of the important players, the team head coach also is the same as it was on the previous year. Cristiano Ronaldo's second time in a row became the greatest planet football player so they have everything they need to win a UEFA. That is why most of the people bet for their success at football betting.

The second team which has great chances to become champions in London Chelsea. At the moment they do not have any equal opponents at Premier league. Jose Mourinho as a coach also fits perfectly to Chelsea as a head coach. Their team is even stronger than it was on the previous year because they have bought two highest class players – Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas which also grasped teams tactic very quickly. Chelsea is demonstrating football which is beautiful to watch, team chemistry is also very good. So London Chelsea is the second team that most of the people bet for at football betting.

Third team which is not pourer than Real Madrid or London Chelsea is Barcelona. Of course, this team is struggling a little bit at Spain national football league but all in all, Barcelona also has everything that it takes to become a champion. They have most probably the strongest strikers front comparing to all other football clubs in the world. They have Messi, Neymar, and Suarez. This trio can do more than everyone could ever think. They also have not won UEFA in a while so it is likely that Barcelona players have enough motivation to take the trophy back to their hands. So it is also possible to bet for Barcelona because they have everything the same as the other greatest team has.

So, betting sites and all of the football fans are waiting for the end of the season because billions of money all around the world circulates on football betting. It is advisable for everyone to try their analysis skills and guess which of the teams are going to win UEFA in the 2014-2015 season. After this season a lot of people will get a great profit and some of them will just try their skill another season. The most important thing about football betting does not stop believing in yourselves. The more time you have failed the closer to the success you are standing and maybe you are just one step away from a completely different life and you afraid to step it. Always believe in football betting because miracles happen every day.