4th of February: Oklahoma City Thunder – New Orleans Pelicans

Well, well, well. What do we have got here – a great rival match-up against Oklahoma City Thunder and New Orleans Pelicans, which will be held in the city of NO? To be honest with you, it is forecasted to be an extremely intense match, yet it is believed to be close all game long. Why not – that kind of expression should be interesting not even for betters, who are willing to place some predictions, yet for fans as well, as the night is believed to be interesting.

Let’s begin with saying that Oklahoma has a way greater chances to win this one, no matter that bookmakers are giving extremely huge odds – 2,50 – on the victory. The essential thing is that you should not spend your time analyzing previous games and current tournament table, as the game plan of Oklahoma City Thunder has extraordinarily changed. What we are trying to say is that at the beginning of the season, OKC lost its two greatest players – Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook – who is considered to be not only the greatest duet of all-league, yet in the history of OKC’s team as well.

To be honest with you, the factor of our mentioned duet, tonight should be extremely huge. Knowing that Pelicans are not known for their great defense, except the Anthony Davis, who is controlling front line all night long, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook should be feeling great at the court, as there are no strong and quick enough players on the opposite team, which would be able to stop these two.

No matter that, we should also consider the fact, that Oklahoma City Thunder has only one essential mission on this game – to stop Anthony Davis or at least get him out of the frontcourt. The point is that he is controlling not only the huge part of Pelicans’ attacking mode, yet the defensive sides as well, as he is a great rebounder and is able to fight for every ball, knowing his incredible wingspan. However, as we know Thunder’ squad, the mission should not be that hard, as Steven Adams and Serge Ibaka will give maximum effort towards control the inner pace.

Thus, we are offering an extremely good bet – to take OKC to win at the New Orleans’ stadium. To be honest with you, we have got no idea, why bookmakers are giving such huge odds, yet we believe it is a wonderful chance to get some profit.

Betting tips: Oklahoma City Thunder Win