2nd of February: Brooklyn Nets – Los Angeles Clippers

The wonderful match is coming up on Monday night, as Brooklyn Nets are hosting Los Angeles Clippers. To be honest with you, such a rivalry is not actually a common situation at the Nba, as the difference between these two locals is extremely big. Naturally, teams often play to those, who are located closer, thus in this case, for Los Angeles Clippers players it might play a huge factor towards games’ finish.

No matter that all the bookmakers and betting tips specialists say that Brooklyn Nets does not have any chances right here, it would be important to mention that they play pretty well at their own stadium with their fantastic crowd behind. Knowing that Los Angeles Clippers basketball players are also going to take a huge trip, the spread betting difference, that bookmakers give to us, looks too huge to go unseen.

Besides that, let’s make an agreement that Jarett Jack looks incredibly this season! Has anybody thought he will be playing at the essential role this year for the Nets? Even though Deron Williams is constantly facing various injuries, clearly we should make a consideration, that Jarett shows the upper level and extraordinary boost of motivation. Not only his great playing methods cannot be unseen, yet Brook Lopez either Mason Plumlee as well – these two guys are dominating under the rim, thus we should make an agreement that for Clippers’ tall guys it will be extremely hard to get the positions, as well as rebounds.

Another factor, that we believe Brooklyn Nets have got at least some kind of chances, is that Chris Paul, who is considered to be not only the greatest player of Clippers, yet of the whole league as well, is struggling at the moment. Even though his statistics are acceptable, he does not control his team that good anymore. Maybe it is because of Jamal Crawford’s and Blake Griffin’s playing time and role improvements. However, the fact is that Chris Paul is struggling to find his way and controlling the team rightly, thus for the guy like Jarett Jack, who loves to give opponent additional pressure, that kind of matchup would be more than appreciated.

Of course, we are not suggesting to take Brooklyn Nets’ victory against very well built Clippers, yet the spread betting, which offers an opportunity to take +9, looks more than flawless.

Thus, free betting tips are Brooklyn Nets victory at extremely high odds either Brooklyn Nets +9, which is more suggested.