Chicago Bulls – Phoenix Suns

The great rivalry game is announced to be played at finishing touches of the month of January. Two teams, which are trying to improve their positions at conference rating scales, willing to get the win in the important, exciting overall, match.

Derrick Rose, who is considered to be playing at full strength and energy at this one will try to take his Bulls to the victory against the well built, young and aggressive Phoenix Suns with Eric Bledsoe and Isiah Thomas starting at point guard positions appositively. Even though both teams are struggling, especially in the last few games, it is believed to be attractive match, knowing that the line-ups are fully healthy, if not mentioning Joakim Noah, who is out for several weeks for the Chicago Bulls.

Besides Derrick Rose’ and Eric Bledsoe’ either Isiah Thomas’ match-ups, it will be pretty interesting to see how Markief Morris will be able to play against extremely clever Pau Gasol, who seems playing better and better his every single game. No matter that it is believed that young energy and efficiency, especially on the boards, is a huge factory, Pau Gasol with his abilities to find the net with defenders on him either give the ball to the right corners should overweigh the opponents and secure the frontcourt.

Even though Phoenix Suns is a home team, which collects thousands of fans, Chicago Bulls with their unique ability to stop defenders greatly and put them into the slow game pace, should take this one. However, we are suggesting the more secure bet, as most of the bookmakers are offering an opportunity to place +7 spread betting on the Chicago Bulls at the high odds of 1,90.